Friends of Youth Justice Initiative
The last week of the tournament was dedicated to The Summit 8. The players were resting, having fun, delighting the audience with game comments and fighting for the next batch of qualifying points., even with the replacement, again became the champion of the tournament and earned the third consecutive "Summit" Cup. Fnatic unexpectedly took the second place. It seems that the replacement was good for them. Morphling: Typical Valve listened to on Reddit about balance. I remember back in the HoN days I hated Kyle because it was cool back then. And now I like him. By the way, he is a great player and bets smartly on esports betting sites. · Let's remind everyone that it is usually after Summit that RTZ starts thinking about leaving EG. And now I understand why. · I hope EG players will let RTZ play carry and lug the team and focus less on Sumail's edge. When RTZ has the opportunity to open up, he's too good. · Do justice to Kinguin. When you realize how little experience they have, their late-stage decisions seem absurdly tough. Sumail is right. EE has no idea how to play when they are ahead. But he knows very well what to do when they lag behind. It's time for Envy. · When PPD was at EG, did he rely on Fear and his late-stage coordination? Or did he just trust team synergy and communication and try to maximize everyone's contribution? It's just that with PPD, EG did the greatest coups, and OpTic is too weak in the late stage. · Just proved to be inexperienced CCnC. There are too many bad decisions. But they should only get stronger over time, playing against teams from other regions.

The Youth Justice Initiative (YJI)
of West Des Moines, Iowa
began in 2000
and is demonstrating results

YJI's mission is to reintegrate young offenders into the community
and aid victims in healing and moving forward.

          • 54 youth were served from July 2014- June 2015
          • 89% Successfully completed the program
          • 100% of victims are satisfied with the YJI process

Friends of YJI
helps support and enhance the restorative processes of YJI in West Des Moines.



YJI has received the prestigous exemplary project award by CALEA (Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies).



What the community has to say about YJI...

"YJI has been an outstanding service to our city"
- Steve Gaer, West Des Moines Mayor


"YJI holds youth accountable for their actions and assists them in thinking about and dealing with the impact of what they did on more than just themselves. I have found the follow-through of the program excellent."
- Tim Miller, Principal of  WDM Valley High School